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Placenta Encapsulation & other placenta products

Placenta encapsulation is the process in which your placenta is turned into pill form. There are two ways this can be done, one is the RAW method that is described as giving more of a "punch" when taken, in this form the pills last around a year. The second is the TCM method (traditional Chinese medicine) and is more common, in this form your pills can last indefinably when stored properly. Benefits to ingesting your placenta include:

  • increased milk supply
  • boost energy and balance hormones
  • help fight PPD or "baby blues"
  • promotes a fast healing time postpartum
  • helpful during menapause
     This process is usually a 48 hour process (In some cases it may take a little longer). In my experience most placentas can make from around 70 to 200 capsuls. I am happy to encapsulate your placenta in either method or a combination of the two. My fee for encapsulation is on a sliding scale $125- $200 within the Dalton/Chatsworth/Ringgold/Chattanooga/Cleveland area (if you are outside this area, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can arrange to work with you!) If you chose me as a doula you get a $25 discount, if you chose to have your placenta encapsulated with a combination of the two methods its $10 more. Please contact me as soon as you have began thinking of having your placenta encapsulated so we can go over important info about when to contact me after you deliver and proper care of your placenta to insure it can be encapsulated.
*Agreement Form* - please print and bring to discuss when I pick up your placenta

-Placenta Tincture: A tincture is where your placenta is made into "medicine" by dissolving in to a high proof alcohol and it takes a few weeks to "make." When this is done with your placenta it gives you and your child a special little medicine because it still contains many vital hormones and vitamins. Its great to help when your placenta pills are gone, also taken when you or the child have a high stress time (maybe weaning, teething, ect.) or also are not feeling well.  Fee for this is $30

-Placenta balm: This balm is made with a balm or lotion (or your choosing or mine) and some of your placenta powder, sometimes along with a few herbs  (maybe additional fee for herbs). It promotes healing with things like diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, and other cuts and scrapes on the skin. Fee for this is $25

-Placenta Prints: Placenta prints are made on paper or canvas (you chose) from your placenta before it is made into anything else. You can have them made by the excess blood that is on your placenta, non toxic paints can be used (however there is some debate if this is done if the placenta can be encapsulated, I will leave that choice to you) Different people have different preferences to what they like, some do just a print, some have it painted all kinds of colors or have the print made to look like a tree! Prints range from $20-40 depending on canvas size and what is used to make the prints, or if you provide materials.


 the info on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA (food and drug administration.) The services offered by Sunshine Mama Services are not clinical, pharmaceutical or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Anyone who choses to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility of their own health and for reasearching and using the remedies, and are advised to also seek medical advise from your doctor before hand. No specific benefits or effects are promised as they may vary from person to person. Research on the benefits of placentas are still ongoing and it is up to you to decide if these processes will benefit you.


Payments are accepted through Paypal or by cash in person. Payment requests on Paypal will come from [email protected] or you may send them as well. All payments for placenta services fees must be paid in full by 37 weeks of pregnancy and a deposit which is half of your total fee will be due at the time you sign our agreement unless we have made some sort of other arrangment. If we have spoken before then, if it is a last minuet I will try to make sure and do everything I can to ensure I can do the services you request and payment will be expected by the time of delivery or pick up of the placenta.

please make sure to enter in the box how much the payment it for and a description