Sunshine Mama Services

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Cloth Diaper Cakes & other cloth items

A lot of people these days make diaper "cakes" from disposable diapers. Me being the cloth diaper loving mama that I am (and loving to help save earth) thought it would be awesome to make cloth diaper cakes. I try and include a little of everything mom would need to help getting cloth diapering started along with a few breastfeeding and baby essentials. I do not like to use certain brands of baby products simply because I do believe that they can be toxic or harmful to baby and prefer to use more all natural or organic baby products if possible. This one was the first one I made for a beautiful little girl. It consisted of an organic baby hat and booties (both stuffed with breast pads), a onesie, baby rags or cloth wipes, 8 prefold diapers, 3 pocket diapers, wipes solution cubes, cloth diapers safe diaper cream, a snappi, spray bottle for wipe solution, baby soap and shampoo, nipple cream, a blankie, and a hairbrush. We can personalize one just for you or as a gift for someone else, and it can be as simple or extravagant as you would like. If you would like something a little more simple I also do onsie cupcakes (made froma receiving blanket and onsie) or Diaper babies (made with a diaper, washcloth, and sock.) Check out our facebook page or photo section for more pics of other items Ive done.

Pricing is based on what materials you want used.
*if you live out of state we are willing to ship cloth diaper cakes, diaper babies and onesie cupcakes, shipping cost depends on how fast  you need it and where your located*


 Payments are accepted through Paypal or by cash in person. Payment requests on Paypal will come from [email protected] or you may send them as well. Costs for all diaper babies, onesie cupcakes and cloth diaper cakes will be expected upfront, and I request that if possible you request these at least 2 weeks in advanced or more. If it is last min. again I will do my best to work with you however cloth diapers have to be ordered and sometimes take time to ship, onesie cupcakes however are easily done last min. 

please make sure to enter in the box how much the payment it for and a description