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Belly Casting and Painting

Belly casting is having a plaster sculpture made of your belly and can include your breasts or arms and hands if you like as well. This can be done at any time in pregnancy to monitor your growth of your belly or if you'd like just one most wait until around 35 weeks or after to capture the fullness of their bellies. It makes for a wonderful keepsake and can be painted or decorated by me or you however you like. Belly paining is just the art of painting pretty designs of yours or my choosing and you may like to do this for keepsake pictures or maybe your baby shower to show off that beautiful belly!

-Belly casting or painting $50 each
Artist Mama Package includes
* 1 belly cast
* 1 belly painting
* 2 Placenta prints (if you have kept your placenta, if not we can take some off the price)
all for $130


 Payments are *accepted through Paypal or by cash in person. Payment requests on Paypal will come from [email protected] or you may send them as well. Payments for belly casting and painting costs will be due prior to arrival of the casting or painting.

please make sure to enter in the box how much the payment it for and a description