Sunshine Mama Services

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Quotes Keisha was very supportive during my complicated pregnancy. Her comfort went a long way in helping me have a happy pregnancy and accepting the things that didn't go the way I'd planned. It was also a tremendous help to have her there for breastfeeding advice and guidance. The placenta pills were amazing too! They helped me manage my mild postpartum symptoms. Not to mention the extra energy to get through the day! Quotes
Whitney Boling

Quotes Sunshine Mama Services helped me beyond belief throughout my entire pregnancy, my labor, and even postpartum! Keisha was on call 24-7 to answer any questions I had, we worked out a birth plan together and she was very supportive to my needs. I loved my placenta encapsulation as well, they really do help! Quotes
Amber Gravitt
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you for being by my side through out my entire pregnancy!!..I don't know if I could have done it without you and my sweet hubby.I love my bellycast you did a wonderful job! You were very respectful through the whole process asking if I was comfortable,if I needed to take a break,ect.Now I just cant wait until I decide on how I want to paint it LOL!!..You were really great during my labor in every way.Thank you again so much for introducing me to the whole placenta encapsulation thing,I must say everything I read on it is true!.Def. helped me in my energy and getting my hormones back to normal!!..Forget redbull I have my placenta pills!!!..Hahaha Quotes
Amy Coram
"More than satisfied Mom!"