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      Hello! My name is Keisha, I grew up in Murray County GA pretty much my whole life untill I moved to Whitfield County in 2010. I have 3 wonderful kiddos. I gave birth to my daughter in 2005 and had a vaginal medicated birth. I gave birth to my first son in 2010 by an unnecessary induction and still had a vaginal medicated birth. I had a tramatic experience with his birth due to the induction, epidural and the "routine" procedures following his birth. Soon afterwards I saw the movie The Business of Being Born. The combination of these things led me to explore evidence based maternity care, natural birth, midwives and eventually led me to my path on becoming a doula. I then gave birth to my 2nd son in the summer of 2012 and achieved my goal of a natural childbirth with the assistance of my wonderful doula. I truly feel her presence alone made every difference in my birthing experience along with her touch, words, and support gave me comfort in knowing she had also done this before, meaning so could I. I genuinely feel that having my natural birth healed the emotional scars I held from my previous son's birth.  Although I do not feel that a doula requires any type of certification to do what she does, I do believe that everyone can gain more understanding in everything they do through education. This lead me to find a program to get certified through, and I am currently ongoing the certification process through Birth Arts International birth doula program, I feel this program offers more a a holistic view on childbirth and life in general and I am excited about completing the program once I have attended enough births to certify. Please know my goal is to support you in your birthing choices!

      In August of 2014 I trained and became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and I also currently work as a WIC Peer counselor. I strive to further my breastfeeding education and attend a few conferences a year to be up to date on breastfeeding information. I have breastfed all 3 of my children. I breastfed my daughter until the time she was 6 months old,  family circumstances at home and school during my senior year led me to wean her early and switch to formula. When I had my first son I had issues in the beginning with him not wanting to latch on or even eat at all,  (I later found out this was due to his cerebral palsy and sensory processing disorder) as well as when I returned to work and began pumping. I thankfully had the support of women in the WIC breastfeeding support group, peer counselors and local La Leche League leaders to help us and it lead me to breastfeed him until he weaned himself at 16 months during my 3rd pregnancy. When I had my 2nd son I nursed him as soon as he was born for an hour before I allowed any of the routine newborn procedures. The morning following his birth he was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to be placed in the NICU with an IV into his belly button so I was not allowed to hold or nurse him for around 3-4 days. During this time again with support through WIC peer counselors and a now close friend who is a LLL leader I pumped and provided colostrum and breast milk for him until I was able to nurse him again. We have since established a wonderful nursing relationship and I plan to continue to nurse him until  Please know I am also supportive of mothers who choose to formula feed as well, I am thankful science has come up with formula it is an amazing tool for those who cannot/choose not breastfeed.

     Through a friend I discovered cloth diapering when I had my first son and have continued using them with my 2nd son. I have a wide variety of brands and types of cloth diapers that I have used and still have to try and widen my knowledge of them, and hey they are so stinking cute too! They are an awesome way to save money, help the planet and the best part is they are chemical free and way better for your baby. Most people believe that they are very hard to care for, I feel quite the opposite of that, once you learn how its very easy! If you ever want to check out my stash of diapers before you decide to buy some for your self you are more then welcome as well as I'll even be more then happy to help you with any questions you may have on them. Shown here are some newborn diapers I have drying on the line, line drying isn't required but will save you on your power bill, help your diapers last longer and the sun gets out stains!

     I became interested in placentophagia during reading and learning about natural birth after my first son. After having my 2nd son I encapsulated my placenta using both the RAW and TCM methods and took it daily. I noticed a difference the first day after taking it in my mood and milk supply. I am so thankful to have discovered such a wonderful thing. I am always learning more about placenta medicine and would love to share any info you may want about it.


Also please don't ever hesitate to contact me because of pricing issues, I do my best to work with anyone I can (barter, trades and payment arrangements etc.) because I believe everyone deserves these benefits, I also will consider pricing on a sliding scale based on personal circumstances, please just talk to me about your situation and I will do the best I can.  

Feel free to contact me at any time and I will get back with you as soon as possible, you may use the form below, or contact me by:

email: [email protected]

phone: 1.706.851.6787 feel free to call me, also I have unlimited texting


You can also find me on skype! keisha.pinson1

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