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    Welcome to Sunshine Mama Services, please feel free to browse around my website and find out more information. Birth, breastfeeding and babies are my passions! My goal as a doula is to serve you and empower you to achieve the birth you want through helping you know all your options and providing you support in your choices. I will work with hospital births, homebirths, natural births, medicated births, surrogacy births, adoption births, cesarean births and vaginal births after cesarean otherwise known as a VBAC for parents from all walks of life. As a doula and Certified Lactation Counselor I service the North GA and greater Chattanooga TN area, if you live outside these areas please contact me and I will do my best to serve you or put you in contact with others who can.  I also offer placenta encapsulation.

As your doula I will:

  • provide you information on evidence based maternity care and birth to help you make choices that are right for your family
  • give you continuous emotional support and be your biggest cheerleader
  • get to know you and what you want to achieve during birth
  • help show you how wonderful birth really is

As your doula I will not:

  • replace your partners role during birth
  • force my values on you or make choices for you
  • do any medical procedures
  • give up on you!

Why a Doula?

 Studies show that having a doula present for your birth :

  • Reduces your chance of cesarean birth by 50%
  • Reduces your length of labor by 25%
  • Reduces the use of pitocin by 40%
  • Reduces the need for pain medication by 30%
  • Reduces the request for epidural by 60%
  • Reduces your chance of a forcep/vacuum assist by 40%
  • Studies have also linked doula care with improved success with Breastfeeding and  a decrease in Postpartum Depression.

What is a Doula?

(adapted from Birth Arts International)

• A doula knows that each individual's birth is special and unique.
• Is educated in the physiological and emotional process of birth, pregnancy and postpartum
• Supports individuals and family through the events of birth and making sure that they are prepared mentally and physically.

• Is a constant attendant to you throughout labor, offering emotional, and physical support, offering to give you what you need during labor
• Education, doulas offer education resources so parents can inform themselves in making the best decisions for their families.

• Holds sacred space for you and your family.
• Birth Arts doulas are trained in privacy, ethics and confidentiality, this is so parents can be assured that their story is protected and help sacred.

Although the word doula has it origins in ancient Greece depicting a household servant or slave of high ranking who assisted women in labor, the idea of servant or slave is antiquated and does not depict the true profession of a modern doula. The modern doula is a women who "Mothers the Mother" offering emotional and physical support to you, enabling an empowering, gratifying birth experience for both you and your family.

No Matter what walk of life you come from I am here to support your birth. I am an open minded individual who is always willing to learn and support you in all your needs. If I have no worked with or have full information on your family situation, I am always willing to learn. If you have questions feel free to contact me!

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